Photography of a bride and groom's Sedona elopement.

Sedona Elopement

When I got an email about photographing a Sedona elopement, I was so stoked! I have been waiting to photograph Sedona since I moved to Arizona a year ago. So, of course I did a celebratory dance and then finished reading the email. I realized then that the couple would be eloping spontaneously in less than 2 weeks! Fate was on my side for this one. I had a couple’s engagement shoot already scheduled for the evening in Flagstaff. Sedona would be right on my way!

A bride and groom during their Sedona elopement.

I feel so freaking honored that I got to be a part of this sweet couple’s day. I’m grateful for all of my couples who trust me enough to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives, but this is one of those couples I clicked with right off the bat. Not only were they just incredibly genuine people, they were also so laid-back and ready to go with the flow. They were just happy to be together!

The bride emphasized how low-key the day would be, so imagine my surprise when she showed up and looked absolutely stunning!
The best wedding vows are the ones that are from the heart, that also make you full-on belly laugh.
A bride and groom's wedding rings after their Sedona elopement.
Photograph of a couple's Sedona elopement.
Photography of a bride and groom's Sedona elopement.
The couple told me they spend a lot of date nights hanging out in this trunk. They signed their marriage license in the same place they play board games and talk – so perfect!
Photography of a bride and groom's Sedona elopement.
Would you rather suffer in heels for your whole wedding day or kick off your shoes and run barefoot through warm grass and over streams as a newlywed? I know my answer! Tell me your dream elopement location and let’s make it happen!
Photography of a bride and groom's Sedona elopement.

Want more?

Any session that ends with bare feet and wild kisses is good for me, but especially a Sedona elopement! Arizona, give me more! Next month I have a Fossil Creek elopement coming and then TWO Sedona engagement sessions right after that! Stay tuned if you’re as stoked about that as I am, and follow my adventures on Instagram!

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