This elopement next to a waterfall was the perfect adventure for a bride and groom with a love for nature and hiking! The day felt like an absolute dream. I still can’t believe this hidden oasis was just a quick day trip within an hour or two of Phoenix, ARIZONA. Yes, this is Arizona, not Hawaii!

The bride started her non-traditional day with a laid back breakfast while her friends helped her get ready. If you want to elope, I would absolutely recommend finding a way to include those closest to you. Spending quality time with a few friends or family members while they help you prepare is an easy way to include them. It’s also great for distracting yourself from any pre-elopement nerves!

We got on the road after she was ready with flowers in her hair and her wedding dress in her trunk. A short road trip away was the longest part of my day. The trailhead was 14 long miles down an unpaved, rocky dirt road. Traveling down this road and back probably took longer than the entire rest of the day. But, this WAS an adventure elopement and the hike to a hidden waterfall was all worth it!

Considering an adventure elopement?

I’m all for getting your hair a little messy and your dress a little dirty. But if you’re going to be hiking, consider backpacking your dress in! The bride’s best friend helped her into her wedding dress after our hike down to the waterfall. Nature provides an incredible dressing room!

Who do you need to bring to your adventure elopement?

Remember that if you want to do an official ceremony, you’ll at least need an officiant and one witness (I am able to act as one of your witnesses!) This might mean your elopement is closer to a *very* intimate ceremony. An easier option is to courthouse the legal stuff, and spend your elopement day in nature together, where you can read more meaningful wedding vows meant just for each other. If you elope in front of a waterfall, it’s pretty likely I won’t even hear them while I’m capturing the moment from a distance.

This was such a beautiful day in a beautiful place. Being out in nature, someplace new, and being able to capture an adventure FUELS me! More adventure elopements in front of waterfalls PLEASE!

Ready to start planning?

Let’s do it! Check out my free elopement guide for more tips. I can’t wait to plan another adventurous elopement! Looking for a rad location to elope in Arizona? I can help! Check out my bucket list or browse some ideas from this Arizona hiking guide.