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If you’re in the wedding business like I am, you know how crazy wedding season can get. You also know that off-season doesn’t mean you’re not working, because off-season is engagement season! Those happy couples aren’t just flaunting their new engagement ring on Instagram, they’re diving straight into wedding planning. For wedding photographers, florists, venue owners, florists, cake decorators, and everything in between, this usually means the majority of their free time is going to be spent sitting in front of their computers, fielding emails.

And it’s seriously so much to keep track of! Not only do you have to remember who is who and when and where they’re getting married and a million other details, but you also have to keep track of who you’ve gotten contracts to, who hasn’t put down their deposit, who’s still waiting to book… it’s INSANITY. It’s basically the I Love Lucy episode where she gets a job at a chocolate factory and then can’t keep up, except in email form. But there is a better way to manage your small business and keep it organized!

How do I stay sane?

I have a seriously incredible tool. Actually, it’s more like a super-multi-tool. Honestly, I don’t understand how anyone with a service-based business survives without it. It’s called Honeybook, and I guesstimate I would’ve quit about 18 times in the past week alone without it.

Honeybook keeps everything organized in one place and looking professional. It also has so many amazing tools integrated within it.

Just a few of my favorite tools:

Contact Forms that you can embed on your website to pull all your inquiries into Honeybook. They are totally customizable! Ever need to make a change? Honeybook will just republish it for you. No more messing with your website’s HTML code all the time. Here’s an example of mine!

Templates for everything, from contracts to emails to invoices. You can make it once, and then reuse it over and over. Different client information is automatically filled in.

Calendar Integration and task reminders… no more sticky notes on your desk, or creating a reminder in your phone 50 times a day.

Bookkeeping tools which are invaluable when tax season rolls around. They also track where all your leads are coming from so you know what’s working and what’s not!

An awesome community of other creatives sharing opportunities, and some seriously A+ customer service.

AND OF COURSE MY PERSONAL FAVORITE HONEYBOOK TOOL….Workflows. These can be automated as much as you want to move your projects along without wasting your time with tedious tasks. Complete life-saver.

The best part (yes, even after all of that) is that right now you can get $200 off your first year. Pay by the month or the year, or just try it for free! You don’t even have to put in your credit card info and remember to cancel if you don’t like it. Seriously awesome service!

***You’ will never me talk about a product I don’t truly stand behind. If you want to organize your business, then it’s worth a look. Be sure to follow my link for a huge discount without a promo code!